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Paul Harris started trance healing over 20 years ago under the direction of spirit who told him where to go for training and later took over his training. He now trains trance healers himself including what spirit called an experiment which resulted in him turning non-healers into trance healers in one hour including deepened trance states and deepened attunement, they have now become powerful healers in their own right. This year (2023) Paul, who hails from St. Helens nr. Liverpool, had a reading in York Spiritualist Church where he was asked to allow Harry Edwards to work with him.

This was the fourth request in twenty years but Paul had never done enough healing to warrant having the great man work with him. However, two years ago Paul was told he had a life changing illness and found that there was no one to help him so he decided to allow Harry Edwards to work with him and was told spirit wanted them to work as spirit surgeons. Paul was also given a new guide named Dominic who he calls Fr Dominic as he is a monk and comes as "The Hermit" in the Tarot spread with lamp and all which he says he uses to illuminate Paul's way. Paul wants now to dedicate his remaining years to helping others in a similar situation to have more years and hopefully to beat their condition. Over the years Paul has removed cancerous conditions but only on request which was rare when he was asked.

Lazarus: Many years ago, Paul was told by spirit that they called him Lazarus as he had the ability to bring people back to full health after they had been given their last rites or in intensive care. Again, this was by word of mouth so it only happened on five occasions. Paul is looking to be able to help more people when they come across this website, or again by word of mouth, and hopefully he can make a difference to their lives where they previously may have had no hope.

Trance Healing

Trance Healing is a powerful form of spiritual healing were the medium works in an altered state of consciousness and is under control of spirit, namely their healing guide. The healer works at 50% control with his guide which is to say there is an equal partnership with spirit. Other trance healers work in a much deeper trance state but the spirit world requires this trance healing medium to work in a "medium" control state.

Spirit Surgery

Spirit Surgery involves a very close connection between spirit and their trance healing medium. Operations are carried out by a skilled team of doctors when needed. Otherwise, the healing guide does all the healing required. The healing is psychic, non-intrusive and no surgical tools are ever used. The healer has been successful in helping some patients with cancerous conditions but can never make any claim to be able to help all patients with cancer. It must be remembered that spiritual healing, like all things to do with spirit, is experimental, and no cure can ever be expressed or implied.

Paul Harris is not medically trained and relies on guidance from his spirit guide known as Harry Edwards. The validity and success of their healing method cannot be guaranteed. Each person must make up their own mind and understand the healing method is not a medical process.

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Harry Edwards (1893-1976)

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Paul Harris


Please fill in the form below and give as much detail a possible and I will try to reply as soon as possible. There will be conditions that I cannot help with because of the severity of the disease.

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